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Making “The Perfect Print”

Of course, there is no such thing as a “perfect” blueprint (print). All documents have something missing or ambiguous information. 

However, this document shows how I would use a print to communicate essential information to any machine shop to assure my part is made the way I want.

The print I am referencing: Sample Print

A complete print is actually a good budget item for your part and can save you money.  If an incomplete or confusing print comes into our shop for quotation, we have to allow extra time for talking to the designer or buyer.  We also add a larger cushion to the price if there seems to be missing or un-clear information.  Where there is a question of tolerance, we will stay with the tighter tolerance to insure compliance.  This adds cost to the part.

The Title Block and Notes

I am going to start with the title block located in the lower right hand corner.  Most of the items in the title block are pretty obvious, so I won’t dwell on them. 

The only things I want to mention are the Revision Letter (or number), the note about the CAD files in the very lower right hand corner and the Copyright. 

I suggest using the copyright to protect your work.  It is easy to add to the title block and is cheap insurance. 

 The note about the CAD files is useful to the machine shop.  They can usually import your CAD files directly into their CAM (Computer Aided Machining) program to save time making your part.  Direct import of CAD files helps to insure accuracy.

The revision letter (or number) is a “must have” to insure the part is made with all current changes.


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