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CNC Plastics Machining

We specialize in machining all types of plastic.

With 30+ years experience, we make plastic parts and assemblies for the hi-tech wafer industry, communications, medical, and many more.  

Plastics have many advantages  Plastics come in many stock sizes, formulas, and grades. In fact, the availability of mill sizes is comparable to metals while the availability of different types of plastic is enormous. Plastics can be extremely useful from standpoints of weight reduction, corrosion resistance, strength, insulation, and cost. 

While injection molding is the most common method of manufacturing plastics, production levels, tolerances and other requirements can dictate when machining is the right choice. 

Many plastics, referred to as "commodities" can be as low as $0.50/square foot while so-called "high perfomance" plastics can cost $750.00/square foot and up depending on size and type. We offer our customers the choice of metal or plastic machining and we can help them determine which to use.   

From a cost standpoint, some plastics can be machined without the use of coolant which helps keep costs down.   Others, such as ABS and PVC, are very cost effective and strong. These materials are cheaper than most metals and can be glued together to make a very strong joint. Still others such as Delrin (acetal), UHMW, and certain types of nylon are self lubricating and can be used for bearings or sliding surfaces. 

Many plastics are resistant to acids, solvents, and salts.  

With all the advantages of using plastics, there are many... more >>

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