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Design for Machining(cont.)

D: Deep Narrow Slots.  Deep Narrow Slots can be costly to mill due to chip packing and small cutters. Avoid if possible   

E: Flatness Across Large Distances  Flatness is easier to maintain across large distances by the use of bosses. See Mr. Do Mill 

F: Break-Out Holes.   It's usually better to use a small slot in this case. The drill would tend to wander or walk when drilling on an edge.

G: Square Corners  Square Corners are expensive to make. If possible, use a radius in one corner or Drill a relief hole. See Mr. Do Mill 

H: Blended Radii on edges  It's much cheaper and faster to use chamfers in this case. See Mr.Do_Mill 

I: Small Radius in Corner  A small long radius in a corner invites tool chatter and breakage(see View 12) If possible, run radius on shorter corner. See Mr. Do Mill 

J: Over Toleranced Dimension  3 places after the decimal is usually interpreted as plus or minus .005" Close enough for most needs. The use of extra places can add cost and confusion. See Mr. Do Mill 

K: Full Tap Depth  Drill depth should be at 3 thread pitches deeper than tap if possible. See Mr. Do Mill more >>

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