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Design for Machining on the CNC Machining Center

Over the years there has been a major disconnect between Design and Manufacturing. Machining feasibility isn't thought of until the machinist gets the part.

In the interest of cost reduction, I want to offer a few pointers on designing your part for ease of manufacturing.  At times we make parts that are unnecessarily expensive to produce.  Design for Machining or Design for Manufacturing (DFM) can save on cost and time to market,

Below I have listed some of the more common problems associated with Designing for CNC machining.
Of course I am generalizing here. Sometimes difficult processes can't be avoided. I have created 2 prints Mr. Don't Mill & Mr. Do Mill. The "Mr. Don't Mill" print shows some common errors in DFM while "Mr. Do Mill" shows some possible alternatives.

A: Intersecting Holes.  Intersecting holes can cause burrs that may be hard to remove. avoid if possible   

B: Flat Bottom Holes.  Flat bottomed holes can be difficult to make. If there needs to be a flat bottom, consider having a drilled relief as shown in Mr.Do_Mill.  

C: Deep Tapped Holes.   Sometimes(rarely) a hole needs to be tapped more than twice diameter ( such as when a steel bolt is going in a plastic part) However 1-1/2 times bolt diameter is the general rule of thumb. More than that invites tap breakage and can add extra expense. more >>

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