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Cost Reduction

Everyone has a boss and all bosses want cost reduction. Our boss is you, the customer. As our customer, We are obliged to give you the most cost effective CNC machining that we possibly can!
Many times costs can be reduced without any compromise in quality.
To this end, we have listed some of the easier things that you can do to lower costs such as:

Make the part out of stock size material   Many materials come in a wide variety of stock or “mill” sizes. By selecting one of these sizes, we can reduce operations, machine time, and cost to you.Call out “stock sizes” on the print.

Select common material    Common materials such as 6061 aluminum and 1018 steel are cheaper than exotic materials.Plastics, such as ABS and PVC, for instance, are cheaper than others such as Delrin and have many of the desirable properties of Delrin.

Split the job    If you need a few (but not all) of the parts soon, split the job into two orders, you can receive a minimum amount of parts quickly and the balance at normal lead times and reduced cost. more >>

Call or Email us today to find out how you can reduce the cost of your next project!
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